Call for Samples – Visualizing Usability Issues

March 31st, 2010

Just thought I’d stir up the readers in here and see if I can get some interesting submissions in. Although I’m always on the look out for any type of design deliverables or tools to write about, I thought perhaps I’d throw out a concrete request for example visualizations of usability testing results. Perhaps you came up with a cool way of conveying findings to your team, or you invented a new way of prioritizing issues? If so, and eager to share, please send me an email (visible on the right) and I’d love to post it up in here. Cheers. Jakub

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3 Responses to “Call for Samples – Visualizing Usability Issues”

  1. Jeppe Henckel Says:

    I didn't create these guidelines myself, and I don't agree with many of them but they are an interesting read nonetheless: