Touchscreen Gesture Icons

April 21st, 2009

Recently, quite a few representation about human activity have been merging in with the wireframe. Similarly, here is a template which contains various possible gestures on a touchscreen. Elaine came up with interesting ways to represent: taps, double taps, drags, flicks and pinching. Unflattened PNG can be grabbed from here (Elaine says: “I’m okay with people using the images for wireframes, presentations and educational purposes, but no modifications please”).

On the same note, Dan also posted another gestural icon set over here.

Credits: Elaine Chen

8 Responses to “Touchscreen Gesture Icons”

  1. Sherrod Says:

    What a fascinating depiction! I especially love the use of the gradients on flick and pinch, and the use of a half-tone so as not to blow out the blacks. Very very well done.

  2. uuc Says:

    Thanks,very useful, I linked your blog;)

  3. Shawn Says:

    This is a really great example of how to portray gestures on a mobile device. The link above only shows one, is there a way to see the set?
    Great site! Thanks!

  4. Jakub Linowski Says:

    Hey Shawn. I think you have to open it in Fireworks, and then look at the various "States". There you'll have all of them. Cheers. Jakub

  5. Erinah Says:

    Only in Fireworks? :(
    Even Photoshop can't see its various states.

  6. jspadaccini Says:

    There a set of hundreds of gesture icons and vector illustrations that are free to use on the GestureWorks website.

  7. tonylee5566 Says:

    what about the 5 point touch screen ? and what is the ips screen tablet ? Thanks