January 19th, 2010

Pidoco, is an online prototyping tool tool which supports a wide range of design activities. Users of this software can for example insert common wireframe elements onto multiple pages. If you drag and drop the freehand box, you can also sketch out line drawings more flexibly (although this still feels a bit jagged). Pidoco also supports a collaborative environment where multiple designers can work together on the same prototype, and allows you to keep track of a version history. On the same note, Pidoco documents can also be reviewed by others and annotated with notes. One interesting way of handling reusable elements is with the global layers feature. The visibility of layers basically can be toggled across any page which allows more flexibility. Of course, like any other similar tool, Pidoco also allows to export the work into interactive prototypes that can be bound with links.

One area where Pidoco truly differentiates itself from the rest of the competition is with the ability to run remote usability tests with the prototypes it generates. Designers can send out a link and invite users to participate in a usability test which the software also records and stores for future reference. I wasn’t able try this feature out, but it definitely looks pretty useful. Nice job!

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2 Responses to “Pidoco”

  1. Etienne Says:

    Regarding remote usability tests, i must stress that Justinmind will issue in March, a feature that will allow you to run any kind of remote user testing (moderated or not) with the integration of many analytic tools. Justinmind offers solutions to create fully functional dynamic wireframes without coding.