Experience Maps

February 24th, 2010

An interesting depiction of user experience has surfaced the other week over at the nForm blog in the form of an experience map. Gene and his team has come up with a way to represent gaming related experiences of three distinct gamers. In a way then this is a merger between a persona and a time based representation. The other interesting thing about this is the visualization and separation of at least three types of experiences: ongoing, exploratory and influenced. Each type of experience has been shown in a standardized and specific way. Furthermore, the diagram also captures and represents a variety of channels which the personas are utilizing at a given point in time. Overall, it’s always interesting to see when designers attempt to convey such comprehensive and unified high level deliverables.

Credits: Gene Smith of nForm

7 Responses to “Experience Maps”

  1. snipe Says:

    This is great, thanks! Interesting idea with a great display. (Hopefully the "confidential" part at the bottom isn't true anymore!) :D

    Do you happen to know what program Gene used to create this? I'm working on a similar project and would take a man's life for that stencil.. lol

  2. Jakub Linowski Says:

    Not sure. Probably some vector based application? Shouldn't be too hard to replicate. :)

  3. Trevor Van Gorp Says:

    We created these experience maps in Visio. :-)