Big Transparent Thumbs

January 26th, 2010

Vincent, a friend of mine, has been tinkering with some new ways of portraying simple touch screen interactions on his Get Around application. He uses a big overlaid thumb with a set transparency to indicate the touch. For indicating a dragging action, the thumb also contains an arrow with a direction. Just thought to share this as I found it interesting. To refresh quickly, Elaine has also approached the same problem previously in a slightly different way.

Credits: Vincent Steurs

7 Responses to “Big Transparent Thumbs”

  1. PSD Cutups Says:

    Cool…do you know of a way to make these thumbs available for general consumption? haha

  2. Evan Quinlan Says:

    I don't think the thumb contains an arrow, I think the arrow is a button in the application being moved by the thumb. The flesh-colored arrow next to the thumb indicates movement. At least, that's how I would interpret this.

  3. Vincent Says:

    @ Evan: you're right about the flesh colored arrow indicating the movement.

    @ PSD Cutups: here you got a link to download a .png of the thumb, enjoy!

  4. Pierre Foucart Says:

    I wish this could be integrated in Axure …

  5. Slipy Says:

    Nice idea about, it could be part of some wireframing tools.