December 5th, 2011

myBalsamiq has just launched last month and took the web based version of Balsamiq Mockups and extended it with a bunch of collaboration features. The sketchy wireframes can now be uploaded online and organized into projects which can then also be given one of the following four access settings: private, website, blog and wiki. The default setting, “private”, is the most restricted and makes projects only visible to the specified members you share your work with. Whereas “wiki” on the other end of the spectrum is the most open and allows anonymous users to comment on, and edit the work. This degree of collaboration offers quite the flexibility for a variety of projects.

More so, myBalsamiq also comes with the ability to version your work by means of a revision history, as well as allows for email based discussion groups for each project. The web version of balsamiq resembles the desktop version so closely that it’s hard to tell the difference. Overall, I think this move marks a natural direction for the already awesome and popular tool.

Have a look.

One Response to “myBalsamiq”

  1. Gonzalofdc Says:

    I'm using it and it's just wonderful