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October 13th, 2011 is a new UI prototyping tool specifically tailored for mobile and tablet applications. The web based environment allows you to start off by creating a project for either the iPad or the iPhone. After creating a few screens, you typically would expect to be able to link a few pages together with interactivity – and does just that. It comes prepackaged with actions that are custom to hand held devices. So for example, you can simulate such interactivty as: clicks, taps, tap and holds, as well as swipes. Additionally, transitions such as slides, pops, fades and flips are also supported to make the prototype resemble the real experience more closely. Pretty cool. also comes with other more standard prototyping features. Users can create reusable templates and components into which a bunch of prepackaged and editable elements can be dragged onto. Just to give you a taste, have a look at the Picker Component demo which is fully customizable. Another interesting draggable component includes the HTML Code box that allows users to write custom HTML. The tool also has a useful snappy grid as well as some align to features for those who wish to work at a pixel perfect level. Once the prototype is ready you can of course publish and preview your prototype which works inside a browser as well as real devices.

The team is apparently also working on supporting Android devices in the near future. Rock on. :)

Try it out.

Credits: Alexis Piperides

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