Persona Template

March 1st, 2011

A persona template has just been shared by the folks over at Orange Bus. Perhaps what might be interesting about this particular one is that it invites quick and dirty hand drawing or writing. A lot of the other personas out there, from what I’ve seen in the past, look pretty well polished. This one on the other hand is a lot more doodle compatible. It comes with fill in the blank spaces for basic naming, portrait, a back story, motivations, frustrations, their ideal experience, and a summary quote. Nice!

Credits: Joanne Richardson

6 Responses to “Persona Template”

  1. Ralph Says:

    A template for a persona is nice, because it is helpful to get a similar structur in all the persona. Thank you for your sharing. I will think about to use it in my website concepts to my customer.

  2. Sergey Says:


  3. John Labriola Says:

    But where is a section for goals? Gotta have goals. I do like its simlicity, kinda sketchy.

  4. Joanne Richardson Says:

    Thanks John, the goals usually come out along the way but i think you're right it would be nice to have them summed up somewhere. Will add it as a future improvement :)

  5. Stephan Says:

    Very nice template. Thanks!

  6. Michel Kuik Says:

    I definitely miss the goals and tasks, along with some other minor user information (education). Cooper may be a good reference for more information about what is necessary to practice 'goal-directed' design of 'user-centered' design

    Other than that, it's a nice template!