Tiggr 1.2.5

February 7th, 2011

Tiggr has recently surfaced as an additional tool to choose from for people interested in building interactive UI prototypes. It is currently in beta phase and is being developed by a team over at Exadel. It comes loaded with a set of typical features you would expect from an online prototyping tool. Among these there are: a snapping grid to place work on, multiple project/screen support, and the option to drag and drop existing controls. At a high level, controls here have been organized into two sets belonging to web based and mobile ones. The mobile components are based on the jQuery Mobile framework (pretty cool?). And yes, the tool also allows you to link up pages in order to inject a greater degree of interactivity in the preview mode.

Tiggr prototypes are also very easily shared with a team. Since the tool is hosted online, when previewing the prototype in a browser, the link can simply be sent off to others for review. With a comment and chat system in place, the tool invites users to provide feedback. Additionally, the prototype can also be exported as a standalone HTML bundle that can further be worked on locally and separately from the web based interface.

As far as I know today, these guys will always have a free version and there might be some paid plans in the future. I believe they are also planning to extend the components library and provide more ready to use elements.

Jump in and give it a try to see if it’s for you.

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  1. paggy Says:

    very good