FlairBuilder Giveaway – Winner

July 20th, 2009

Ta da. Three people entered last week’s contest for a chance to win a copy of FlairBuilder. The winner is Keith. I determined the winner by asking participants for a random number between 1 and 10, ordering their first names alphabetically, and counting through the names with the sum of the numbers provided. Congratulations! Here are the people who participated along with the provided numbers.

  • Fabian – 7
  • Keith – 6 – Winner
  • Luis – 7

I plan on posting, Keith’s sample tomorrow, as well as hope to do another one of these sometime in the future. New ideas are more than welcome!

One Response to “FlairBuilder Giveaway – Winner”

  1. Cristian Pascu Says:

    Congratulations to the winner! I hope we'll see more contests like this in the future. I am surely happy to give away my piece of recognition to those posting valuable information and content on this great website.