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MicroPersonas – 41% Off

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Hey All. Just a quick announcement that I’ve been running a discount on the MicroPersonas icon set that is about to expire today. Instead of $29, it’s $17 for another 15 hours or so. Just wanted to share in here as well. Cheers. :)

Update: just realized that MightyDeals has extended the deal by another week.

Wireframes Magazine + Facebook

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Quick update. It’s 2013, and I finally got around to hooking up a Facebook Page for Wireframes Magazine. So for anyone who now wishes to follow the posts as an alternative to RSS and/or Twitter, you can now also use FB. :) Cheers. Enjoy.

I’m Hiring … a User Interface Designer

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Hi! I’m on the lookout for a talented User Interface Designer in Toronto (ideally, but also open to remote). If concept sketching, visual design and prototyping are your thing, then please checkout the job posting and reach out to me. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Job Postings

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Putting my commercial hat on I’ve just started a Jobs section experiment on this blog. Why not? To start off and populate a few listings, the first five posts will be free. So if you have a job you would wish to advertise, please email me: the company name, job title, link to job description and a location and I’ll post it. Cheers. Jakub

InVisionApp: Starter Plan Now Live (1 Free Project)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

InVisionApp: Starter Plan
The InVisionApp team over in NY just readjusted their pricing model to now allow the awesome Starter Plan. This little plan now includes one free active project, unlimited screens, and unlimited collaborators. A pretty cool way to give designers an opportunity to feel out the app for more than 30 days.

As a short reminder, for those who might not know what InVision is, I’ve written up a quick review of their prototyping app a few months ago. It’s a great tool for gathering feedback on sets of linked up screens. Enjoy!

Give the Starter Plan a try right here.

Special Offer: World Usability Day Bundle

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Happy World Usability Day from the guys over at Optimal Workshop! An awesome bundle of online usability tools is up for grabs on World Usability Day up until this Thursday, November 10! This year a bunch of User Experience (UX) organizations have put together a basket of complementary training and tools for the World Usability Day Bundle. The bundle is only available for 48 hours and includes an incredible package of UX tools at more than 70% off the usual price.

This year’s World Usability Day Bundle is priced at $1,370 (pretty much the same as last year) and includes more than $5,000 worth of subscriptions. The individual components of the bundle are:

  1. Usability Professionals’ Association: 4 video seminars and a live webinar.
  2. OptimalSort: Remote card sorting.
  3. Treejack: Test and validate your IA.
  4. Loop11: Test the user-experience of any website.
  5. OpenHallway: Record a/v screencasts of user testing sessions.
  6. SnapEngage: Live chat with your site visitors and customers.
  7. ConceptShare: Markup visual designs collaboratively
  8. HotGloo: Rapid collaborative wireframing.

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Special Offer: UX Heroes Software Mini Bundle

Friday, September 16th, 2011

The guys over at have just put together a software bundle with a few popular tools that could be of interest to people doing wireframing. The bundle includes a 6 months subscription to the following tools: Gliffy Online, HotGloo, and Mocksup. The awesome thing is that you can pay what you want starting with $1. If you choose to pay $40+ or more, you will unlock access to Chalkmark as well.

Sounds like a deal.

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ps. This bundle is also a prelude to their main event, the UX Heroes Super Bundle, which will feature even more tools.

Call for Samples – Feedback Notes

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

How do you capture what others say when they criticize your work? I’m super interested in seeing the different ways of how people gather such design feedback. Do you have some sort of note taking system? Do you use stickies? What do you write down and emphasize? If all goes well and enough people submit, I’ll share the results (yup, including my own) in a future compilation post and hopefully begin revitalizing the samples section. Sounds interesting? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Send an image (JPG, GIF, PNG or PDF) with a maximum size of 1000 x 700px
  2. Submit by July 15th
  3. Optionally, describe your technique in a paragraph.

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Call for Samples + 2 HotGloo Giveaways

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

The awesome guys over at HotGloo decided to give away 2 single one year plans to the readers of this blog. What’s the catch? I’m requesting UX deliverable samples, and latest sketching techniques of course. Just in the last giveaway, here are a few tips:

  1. Submit your own work of wireframes, sketches, a UI design technique, a template, user flow, persona, time based interactions, or any other UI/UX design documentation or technique, by email to me. (any standard formats such as PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, etc are fine)
  2. Your sample has to cover a technique, visual, symbol, representation or approach previously not seen on Wireframes Magazine :)
  3. By submitting, you should also be comfortable with me posting your work or approach online.
  4. Optionally, feel free to describe what you did.

I’ll select two people randomly when I get back from my honeymoon vacation in mid/end October (there will be a few less posts in the upcoming weeks as well).

Update: The two winners are Hannah Milan and Austin Govella. Thanks to all for sending stuff in. In total six people entered the contest (Hannah, Austin, Vincent, Benjamin, Chance, and Jens).

Experimental Challenge

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Thinking about filling up the Experimental section of this site, I thought I’d open up the floor for willing designers to participate in generating a few new ideas. Here is what I’ve been recently thinking about:

1) How to document or represent floating / fixed positioned elements? Imagine you’re scrolling in the browser and an element stays in place.

2) How to document or represent text or element size ranges? With the introduction of min and max CSS attributes, some elements are allowed to grow to various sizes. In certain cases we might want to communicate that there is a maximum height or width allowed for text or elements.

I have a few ideas of my own on these which I will be sharing sometime soon, but I thought it would be great if more people submitted their ideas. If that happens, I could turn the next few posts into a compilation of sorts (and build up more of a community feel for this site).

If you’re interested, please submit sketches or visuals by email to wireframes AT linowski DOT ca. Rough is good. Sounds cool?


ps. If you have other ideas for the experimental section, feel free to submit as well. :)