Napkee 1.0

August 5th, 2009

Napkee has just launched their first version this week. Napkee is a nice little application which transforms Balsamiq Mockup files into interactive prototypes. You import your BM files, and export into FLEX or HTML resulting in clickable prototypes. Great idea. The founder, Enrico, sums up Napkee the best:

Well, I think that the idea behind Balsamiq Mockups is absolutely brilliant, so is the founder Peldi and his whole team. I also think that a software that allows you to give life to your mockups is a valuable addition to Balsamiq Mockups and it helps you in your daily job. That’s why I created Napkee. It enables you to create working prototypes of the web application you are designing, and with some adjustments you can add interaction, modify the look’n’feel, and make your prototype ready for a usability session.

Visit the site here.

3 Responses to “Napkee 1.0”

  1. Mael Says:

    Bought it yesterday, very nice job, a new time saver in the place !
    Updates are planned to fix some features.

  2. Efraim Says:

    Balsamiq & Napkee rule!!
    I use them weekly!
    Altho Napkee's HTML capabilities aren't as good as the FLEX side of things.

    Also, have you seen these yet!?
    Awesome tool, just to get the ideas solidified with your team/client before using software for the details.