Free Keynote & PowerPoint Mockup Templates

November 24th, 2013

Keynotopia Mockup Templates is a little Freebie from Amir – one tweet required. Hand drawn sketches of UI components for Keynote & PPT. Thanks Amir for sharing!

Keynotopia Mockup Templates enable you to sketch user interfaces using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint, without having to draw each component by hand!

All components are hand-drawn vector shapes created from scratch in Keynote and PowerPoint, and can be edited and customized directly, without needing additional design tools.

When your mockups look like simple hand-drawn screens, it’s easier to get feedback on layout and structure, without getting distracted by the detail.

And creating Keynote and PowerPoint sketches is better than drawing them by hand, because you can iterate and modify them quickly without having to redraw them from scratch.

Other cool products from the same author include: GUI Toolkits, Keynotopia & Axutopia. Enjoy :)

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