Hot Gloo Beta

August 11th, 2009

Hot Gloo is another alternative online wireframing application on the rise to keep an eye out for. This flash based tool has been designed by IA’s for IA’s in Germany. Last week they finally opened up and released their first beta version. The interface feels slick, supports a grid, auto alignment, and a some basic drag and drop elements. The tool also has two modes of working, edit and review modes, which support design and annotation activities. An interaction panel is also present which allows designers to specify events and some conditionals. Pretty cool …

Sign up for the beta from here.

3 Responses to “Hot Gloo Beta”

  1. Iain Broome Says:

    I've been using this a little and have given the guys at Hot Gloo some feedback. My first impressions are that 's it has huge potential. I really like it and can see myself using it for a range of sites, small and large. I recommened giving it a try.

  2. Stranok Says:

    Hot Gloo looks pretty good. Please, do you know, it will be free in completed version?
    If no, can you recommend any free alternative wireframe application?

  3. Dave Says:

    when it comes out of beta they will charge 'a reasonable monthly fee'. Not sure what that will be yet