Axure Libraries & Widgets Compilation

September 29th, 2009

Axure is quite the popular prototyping tool for which a ton of widgets and libraries have started emerging. These downloadable and reusable pattern libraries can often speed up the prototyping process. Here is a quick compilation of the latest I recently found:

  1. Official Libraries & Widgets from Axure
  2. Axutopia – wide collection of Axure widgets and icons
  3. Layout grids for Axure and Pencil (from Userfocus) – a 960-grid system template
  4. AXLIB – a robust design library of usable interaction patterns
  5. Ari’s OS X Axure RP Widget Library – a comprehensive library of OS X widgets
  6. Free Axure Design Patterns (from William) – a couple popular UI patterns
  7. Conetree Axure Patterns – hand gesture icons & clear input field
  8. Total Wireframe – a few patterns (with a small price tag)
  9. A Clean Design – Better Defaults
  10. A Clean Design – Axure Design Pattern Library v2.0
  11. A Clean Design – Social Widget Library for Axure
  12. Konigi Icons for Axure

Did I miss anything? If so, please add to comments.

12 Responses to “Axure Libraries & Widgets Compilation”

  1. Cennik Says:

    Is recesion time but we have to keep our heads up.good luck :)

  2. wickkevin Says:

    If you'd like your prototypes to look like pencil sketches, I just posted a custom widget library that makes the widgets look 'sketchy'. The look is based on the Visio stencil created by Niklas Wolkert. Here's the blog post about the sketchy widget library:

  3. wickkevin Says:

    Hi Regis! Looks like your link is broken :(

  4. Hélio Costa Says:


  5. macbetauser Says:

    anyone knows of an accordion widget?

  6. Carlos Tristacci Says:


  7. Raphael Says:

    Are you're looking for an Axure iPad library? You can check out the one I've made. It's also featured on the Axure community page:

  8. Vietnam Software Says:

    Kool! Thanks for sharing

  9. fiyero_g Says:

    Really nice :) Thank you for your useful article