FluidIA Wants You!

November 5th, 2009

If you are a PHP or Javascript developer that is, and like the world of open source, please talk to me (yup that email on the right). The fluidia.org project sets out to create an online prototyping tool, which a group of people has been dabbling in for a few months now. I think we’re at a point where it would be nice to find another pair of eyes and brains to look through the code that is publicly visible over at github. There is a server component that Alex is leading (PHP + REST), and a front end Javascript counterpart (jQuery heavy) that I’m pushing through. Chris is also around to refactor code, increase code quality and eventually integrate some of his own awesome Claypool work. There are still a few open issues before we can release 0.1, so if this sounds interesting to you, do let me know. :)

For the non-programmer types who are eager to sketch and generate UI / UX ideas of what this tool could become, I also welcome you to submit your thoughts by means of posterous. Therein lies the information on how to submit ideas in the form of text, visuals, storyboards, wireframes or sketches. Believe it or not, whatever is submitted will magically appear for all to see over in the sketching section.

Keeping fingers crossed as 0.1 crawls into view.


One Response to “FluidIA Wants You!”

  1. Eugenio Grigolon Says:

    Wow, I'll be glad to help you guys!