Form Follows Function

February 25th, 2013

If you haven’t already heard of the Form Follows Function site, it’s definitely worth a peak at. The site showcases a bunch of interesting CSS and HTML5 experiments by Jongmin Kim, that stretch our understanding of what is possible with modern browsers. As an example, here is a CSS transform Flip Clock. The project has quite a few examples that somewhat remind me of what Joshua Davis was doing back in the early days of Flash. So if you’re tired of those bland boxes and arrows, here is how one individual has pushed HTML to its limits. Definitely inspirational.

Credits: Jongmin Kim

2 Responses to “Form Follows Function”

  1. fay Says:

    Wow thanks for sharing, these HTML5 examples were amazing. I shared them around the office, it was very well received.

  2. exogene Says:

    …made me think of Jared Tarbell’s

    Used to go there all the time to get inspired and push the limits of my coding skills.