November 3rd, 2009

Jumpchart, is an online wireframing tool with a core strength in content formatting and page structure. This software from Paste Interactive, allows very fast creation of pages and sub pages which can then be filled with draft copy or form elements in a wiki like fashion. Jumpchart even comes with an extensive list of command shortcuts which can be used to speed up the generation of the wireframe. The tool also supports the creation of more interactive wireframes with the help of page linking. Furthermore, collaboration features are also in place with ability to invite people who can post comments. More so, content snippets can be relied upon in order to reuse sections throughout various pages.

Excelling in content and page organization, Jumpchart perhaps at times feels like it’s geared more at the copywriter-type information architect. One area where this software might lack in, is its inability to move elements around in a more free form manner. Yes, Jumpchart offers the additional flexibility of one or two column layouts, but being strongly command driven, precise layout adjustment are just not there. Then again, some might say that this removal from detailed layout control could be a good thing as it elevates the importance of content and functionality above all else. Overall, a very interesting tool.

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2 Responses to “Jumpchart”

  1. Joe M Says:

    Thanks for the coverage of our app Jumpchart! We couldn't agree more with your comments and criticisms, -Jumpchart is targeted at content organization. It's a different kind of wireframing app in that respect. We think that understanding the true depth, and breadth of your site's content helps you make better decisions when you start moving into actual interface design. Because planning an interface first can yield poor results when real content starts flowing into templates, we advocate wireframing content first. Because Jumpchart is very much about architecture, and content hierarchy, we leave the fine interface controls and shape-moving to some of the other great tools you have listed on your sidebar. Thanks again!

  2. Studiofluid_Ben Says:

    Jumpchart is our latest indispensable wireframing/ site mapping/ content exchange tool. We've used it to collaborate with a few clients now, and I haven't come across that suits our work-flow better. Looking forward to seeing a better wordpress export.