Kameleon Flat Icons

December 1st, 2014

Kameleon, by Vincent, is a new ultra flexible icons set of 1,500 unique vector icons, each in 5 different color palettes and 2 style variations. That’s 15,000 different combinations from the off. There is also a 52% discount deal until this Thursday, Dec the 4. Here is what it contains:

58 Collections

It took our 2 designers over 7 months to carefully design and create this monumental collection. All the icons you need are conveniently organized into 58 collections for a total of 1,500 flat icons.

5 Color Palletes

Each icon comes in 5 different color variations and provided as .AI, .SKETCH, .SVG and more… Even better, you can easily adapt the whole collection’s colors to your needs in seconds!

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Other great products by the same author with a solid track record on delivering quality work, include: Minicons and Streamline. Hope they are useful. :)

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Credits: Vincent Le Moign

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