December 20th, 2010

Here comes Wirify (or here). It’s a great little bookmarklet tool brought to you by Volkside that renders wireframes from any web page with a click of a button. Typically we’re accustomed to moving from wireframe to visual design to finished product. The wirify script however flips this around enabling the movement from finished HTML back to wireframe. I think it’s just awesome when people upset the linearity of design processes. Great work! So, why would anyone want to do this? Jussi writes:

There are some compelling reasons for viewing a live web page as a wireframe:

1. The wireframe allows you to step back and see the big picture. By tuning out the detail it lets you study the building blocks of the page and their relationships.
2. The wireframe is a great learning and teaching tool. Many of the design concepts that underpin page layouts become easier to identify and analyse in a wireframe. Think visual hierarchy, whitespace, symmetry, chunking, grid systems, golden ratio, rule of thirds, etc. etc.
3. The wireframe is a useful redesign tool that stops you getting bogged down in detail in the very early stage of a website redesign project.
4. The wireframe looks cool. You can now turn all the live sites in your portfolio into large wireframes and plaster them on your studio walls ;)

By the way, have a read through the terms of use at the bottom of the page. Wirify is freeware and there is also some basic analytics logging going on. Thanks Jussi!

Credits: Jussi Pasanen

One Response to “Wirify”

  1. Jussi Pasanen Says:

    Hi Jakub,

    thanks heaps for featuring Wirify in Wireframes Magazine! I hope your readers will find it useful and keep me posted with any feedback, and perhaps some novel ways of using the tool I haven't even thought about.

    Cheers, Jussi

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