Infomaki 0.1 Goes Open Source

May 13th, 2009

Infomaki is a tool for gathering early user feedback based on displaying individual screens and asking simple questions. Typically, the questions look something like “where would if click if…” with the mouse clicks being recorded and eventually summed up and displayed as heat maps. Infomaki has been developed by the people over at NYPL Labs, and just a few days ago finally went open source (requires Ruby on Rails 2.2+). One interesting thing about this software is how flexible it is to the participants in terms of the duration of the evaluation. Since each screen shown is basically a independent evaluation of its own, it makes it possible for users to choose how long they wish to participate – being able to stop at any time. Thumbs up for going open source! :)

Download it from here.

Credits: Michael Lascarides – NYPL

5 Responses to “Infomaki 0.1 Goes Open Source”

  1. bnunnally Says:

    Awesome example of open source design. This is going to be an awesome tool for testing proof of concept features.

  2. Ben Says:

    Very nice tool, that's great it's going Open Source. It makes me wanna learn Ruby too.

  3. Ralf Says:

    Really like this tool. It should provide a quick way to gather feedback and what i like the most is, that this makes usability work visible to the customer.

    Does anybody know if there ist something similar in PHP instead of Ruby?

  4. Ben Says:

    I don't think so mate. I guess we PHP dudes will have to port it…

  5. Jussi Says:

    We recently used Infomaki to conduct usability testing with one of our clients, with excellent results. You may be interested in reading about our experiences here:

    Big thanks to NYPL Labs for releasing this great tool as open source!