The Animationizer

March 5th, 2010

Some time ago, Chris Neale showed off an awesome video of his stop motion animation prototypes. More recently, he has now published a software tool he built in Processing to create such videos. The tool is quite simple and basically allows users to capture screens with a webcam and export them to a folder. The Animationizer also supports a playback feature at 12 frames per second. Chris’ approach is to playback the animations and re-record them with a separate tool such as Screenflow or Silverback. (I also found CamStudio as an open source alternative). The tool is free of charge and comes with a Creative Commons Share Alike license. Thanks Chris! In his own words:

The Animationizer makes stop-frame animations quickly and easily using a webcam. I put it together to help make early prototypes for user experience design projects I’ve been working on. It might also be useful for art projects or science experiments – or maybe just to keep the kids occupied on a rainy afternoon.

For installation, basically you need to install Processing first and then download the code from his website. For those users on Windows, you might also need the WinVDIG for QT driver.

2 Responses to “The Animationizer”

  1. kasprk Says:

    another tool i had to think of for making more simple drawn animations (no webcam picture function) is the small and real basic 'Animator'

  2. Jakub Linowski Says:

    Awesome. Thanks Kasper! :) I'll try to post another entry just for this.