JustProto 2.0 + 3 Giveaways

October 28th, 2011

JustProto has made some improvements over the last little while as they moved on to version 2.0 of their web based prototyping app. This time around they included a bunch of collaboration features. This means that the tool now allows multiple designers to work on one prototype simultaneously in real time. More so, designers can also create a quick preview links of the prototype that can be shared with the team. What’s interesting and unique though is that the shared prototype also updates instantaneously as users continue to work on it – potentially handy for quick feedback. Furthermore, real time chat as well as comments in the form of tags, sticky notes and pins have also been included.

Additionally, the latest version also now includes a prepackaged range of useful famfam icons as well as an extended set of elements. Another improvement is that now users can create their own custom reusable components – a pretty standard and useful feature.

Along with their new site redesign, the team has also exposed a number of public prototypes examples to give people a better sense of what is possible with their software.

The Giveaway. Yup, you heard it. These guys are giving away 3 One Year Plus Licenses. What do you need to do? Sign up for an account and leave a comment here on this blog of what you think is useful or would do to improve the tool. The JustProto team is eager to hear out some feedback. Myself along with the JustProto team will try to select the three commentators within 7 days.

Update Congrats to Ben, Michael, and Antonio! They have been selected for the giveaway. :)

7 Responses to “JustProto 2.0 + 3 Giveaways”

  1. Ben Levin Says:

    Love that this *just works* – easy to get started, throw together some pages, and begin a conversation about the project.

    That said, there are a couple of things that, right off the bat, would make this a much more useful tool:

    – I'd love it if more of the stock elements were components – i.e., all the multi-button dialogs in the iOS sets should allow for easy assignment of different events to different buttons.
    – Layering, and the ability to turn layers on and off: this feature alone would transform this from a "clickable wireframe" tool into a true prototyping tool.
    – Movement – again, the ability to transition elements and move them about the screen on action would increase this tool's power by an order of magnitude.
    – The collaboration and commenting tools are great. But adding an "author" indicator to each Pin, Tag or Note would be really helpful.

    Great job!

  2. Pablo Lara H Says:

    It would make my work easier collaborating with clients.

    I would change the UI design. Maybe some Mac UI magic would improve the whole thing.

    My address at JustProto: http://pablolarah.justproto.com/

  3. Michael Kwon Says:

    I can't believe I found this right after I finalized my last UI project; I wished I discovered this app 3 months ago!

    One major strength that I found in this app is the fact that there are more dynamic features than in other prototyping apps. However, I do find the UI needing a LOT of help. The workbench areas and the overall look is very "busy" & it will take me some time to get used to.

    Also, many *many* wireframing/prototyping software (such as AXURE RP) does not have the "snap-to-grid/line" feature that Omnigraffle has (which seems to be one of its greatest strengths).

    If this app has the ability to do that, it would put it further ahead than many other apps.

  4. Michael Kwon Says:

    and here's my account that i signed up: mkkwon.justproto.com
    I'll be sure to be playing with this later this week!

  5. Antonio Says:

    my account is : lastwebesigner.justproto.com

    what I like : is simple to use, all the wireframing tools should be in that way. The iphone and ipad elements. Snap to grid.
    what I would like to change or add : since you have the snap to grid feature, maybe add the possibility to add rules, (ike photoshop) would be useful.
    Text : more control on texts features, header, pre formatted text, small and big text.


  6. Kuba Says:

    I know JustProsto and i JUST love IT :) This is really a good peace of software. My clients love it too.

  7. Evelka Says:

    Yup, used it for the first time last month and the cooperation started smoothly. Intuitive and easy, that's what I like.