August 21st, 2014

Do you find you’re sometimes designing or building out pages and wish you could start off with a template that has a proven conversion track record? Here is something for you. GoodUI Fastforward is a set of our best performing UI page templates with a sharp focus on conversion.

Now keep in mind that we’re continuously striving towards making the templates better as we learn from running a/b tests on an ongoing basis. When it comes to conversion, we continuously tweak and improve and therefore the pages within contain a change history on the second page of the PDF.

Of course we also understand that one size does not fit all and so we also offer each page type in flexible and editable formats such as: Balsamiq, Illustrator and Axure.

Speed up your design process and get GoodUI Fastforward where you’ll receive a full year’s worth of updates to all current and future page types. We have coherent pages which help you raise metrics such as: sales, trials, quotes, etc.

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Credits: Jakub Linowski

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