July 30th, 2009

Paper Wireframing is an article by Doug on his process work with an approach which relies very much on paper and scissors. A technique like this has been noted in the past to be engaging and collaborative. Perhaps what sets this method apart from the previous example, is the use of electronically generated content whose copies are then printed numerously for the generative session.

Doug writes:

The idea behind Pwireframing (again, wireframing with paper) was to make the regular wireframing process more modular and collaborative. Instead of having a designer simply follow the instructions of a strategist, we started by discussing all possible contents of pages as a group, including syndicated feeds Bethel is currently maintaining. We also made some decisions about feeds or content Bethel would be likely to bring online in the near future. After this, I drew and printed modular drawings of all of the types of content we talked about, and cut them into sets.

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Credits: Doug Gapinski

3 Responses to “Pwireframing”

  1. Tyeshasnow Says:

    I really like this. Guess that's all I have to say:)

  2. Paul Vogel Says:

    I like the [paper and scissors] approach. Do you include the client at this stage or just the design team?

  3. Michael Says:

    I wonder if us digital folk like this approach because it seems somehow satisfying when our generally intangible art is suddenly less so.

    At least it does lend itself to collaboration – especially if you have lots of scissors.