Digital Colour Overlays

July 2nd, 2009

Similar to the recent sample, here is another one also from Uwe showing a more digital approach to colour overlays. I can only speculate that a paper based sketch was imported into the computer in order to colour it with some sort of transparencies. Perhaps what’s interesting about such a mixed media approach is the visibility that colour was an after thought in the process.

Credits: Uwe Thimel for kuehlhaus AG

7 Responses to “Digital Colour Overlays”

  1. Tai Toh Says:

    Alternatively you could use something like Basamiq Mockups to do the overlays as well. You're limited to the predefined widgets, but it's a good balance, I find.

  2. Nick Heise Says:

    I actually use this method quite frequently. I find when I use markers to shade I can never get the colour quite right. Usually markers make things darker than I'd prefer; this way I can control opacity.

  3. al hanley Says:

    why would you want to colour a wire-frame?

  4. Jakub Linowski Says:

    Here are at least two uses: 1 Emphasis, 2 Association. I'm sure there are others.

  5. webdesign bamberg Says:

    Nice sketch! There are also sliced sketch papers for CSS-Frameworks like 960Grid or Blueprint to make a quick layout based on the pages width.

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