Wireframes 0.0.1 (A simple wireframe tool)

January 16th, 2010

Batiste Bieler has just recently released an wireframing tool with both the python source and a demo available publicly. The tool, as its tagline implies, is quite simple and looks like it is just the beginning of a project. For now, users can start of by creating a wireframe by first specifying a grid on which to work on. Further, components can be inserted into the page from a pull down menu. I believe that in the next release Batiste will be opening up an administrative panel to allow users to create new components. Of course all components are dragable, resizable and editable. Excited to see some grassroots projects happening.

Check out the demo.

Credits: Batiste Bieler

2 Responses to “Wireframes 0.0.1 (A simple wireframe tool)”

  1. jaj Says:

    very nice, looks promising. hope it will stay a free tool.

  2. Slipy Says:

    I was trying only demo version. Choosing of components isn't very user friendly and I hope, usability will be improved in next version.