Kicking Off An Open Source Prototyping Tool –

February 9th, 2009

I would like to announce, a second project of mine with the intention of creating an open source and agile UI prototyping tool. The project is just beginning but anyone who would like to contribute in terms of design ideas, comments, or code is more than welcome. The site is still evolving as I am the only who has been working on this project since March of last year. I assure you however it will evolve. I might post another thing or two about the project here in the future once things start rolling. If you would like to work as a designer (by submitting sketches, wireframes, or other visuals) on this design tool with me, then please email me. I will be handing out accounts allowing to post and upload images. Enjoy. – Jakub.

Need UI Inspiration?

Hi I'm Jakub and I wanted to share with you some of my better UI sketches to inspire your line of work. I've been sketching user interfaces with paper/electronically for over a decade. Subscribe today, and I'll share 5 of my better sketches with you over the next 5 days. How is that? :)

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2 Responses to “Kicking Off An Open Source Prototyping Tool –”

  1. juarezpaf Says:

    Humm… This a great project. I already play a little with and see a bit of code. I really want to contribute with my skills and learn more of course.
    Let's go!

  2. alexis Says:

    Hi Jakub,
    I won't be a much help with code. But designing might be possible. I will send you a email, following the procedure.