Keynote Wireframe Toolkit

June 15th, 2010

Here is a Keynote Wireframe Toolkit. For $12 you get components and support for: form inputs, scrollbars, datepicker, tabs, bread crumbs, menus, carousel, loading/progress bars, sliders, annotations, tables for tabular data, a text style guide, a modal window, the 960 Grid System, and ad units. I must say I like the interaction based annotations dealing with things such as: clicks, taps, swipes and drags. :) As Travis writes in his own words:

Apple’s Keynote for iWork is probably not on your list for wireframe/prototyping tools, but it should be. It’s ridiculously easy to use, creates gorgeous presentations, and features full suite of drawing tools and shapes.

Credits: Travis Isaacs

One Response to “Keynote Wireframe Toolkit”

  1. lgalli Says:

    great tip, thanks. actually I remember a review of ux tools on adaptive path's blog in which presentations tools (so not only keynote, but also powerpoint!) scored pretty well in terms of usage