Sqetch – Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit

September 8th, 2010

These wireframing toolkits are recently springing up like mushrooms after the rain, but this one looks really stylish. It’s done for Illustrator and sits more on the high end of the fidelity spectrum. It also contains elements and pieces for: the browser, an iPad landscape and upright backdrop, the Smartphone, form and UX elements. Thanks Dirk for sharing!

Credits: Dirk Weber

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7 Responses to “Sqetch – Illustrator Wireframe Toolkit”

  1. Rolando Peralta Says:

    wow!! it looks fantastic! I'm already checking it.

  2. Deep Ripples Bill Says:

    Agree with Rolando, checking it out now!

  3. Tony Says:

    These are sick!

  4. fay Says:

    O i love these, thanks for sharing

  5. Bart H. Says:

    These are fantastic. Thanks for saving me in an iPhone app presentation.

  6. ganar Says:

    they are nice but boy do they take a loooong time to render any change done. I can't use them because of this

  7. Tom Says:

    Are you seen Balsamik Mockups for Desktops, is really good!!!
    thanks for share.