Free Keynote UX Stencils

August 24th, 2010

In the light of Keynote as a recently popular tool for creating wireframes, here comes another emerging stencil for all to use. As the project name suggests, the template is free, comes with various form elements, modal boxes, and a number of useful header styles. One thing that stands out is the way the stencil is being positioned within github, and the author openly invites others to fork it, tweak it and improve it. Without implying otherwise it would be interesting to see if UX folk will be actually able to push, pull, branch and merge files under git to move the project forward. Or perhaps the technical barrier and the high learning curve behind git commands are just too complicated for the non-developer? Either way, thanks Colin for another cool project.

Grab the files (and collaborate) right here.

In Colin’s own words:

I’m working on some a free wireframing toolkit for creating interactive prototypes with Apple’s Keynote. It’s the best wireframe tool around, and I’ve been using it to build interfaces for web applications.

Credits: Colin Nederkoorn

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One Response to “Free Keynote UX Stencils”

  1. Matt Says:

    I downloaded the Keynote wireframes but how do you use them?