Recommendations for Usability in Practice – Card Set

January 27th, 2011

Here comes another awesome design related card set. This time it’s from Jasper who has recently been doing a PhD thesis over at TU Delft on the topic of Managing Product Usability. As a side effect of his time spent dug up in the subject, he has summarized some of his key ideas as recommendations in a card set format (PDF download link at the bottom of that post). The set is composed of 25 recommendations which are organized by themes pertaining to: Usability, Process, Team, Project, Company and Market. It’s an inspiring piece of work that might be of use to all those thinking of usability in the larger context of an organization or business. Thanks Jasper!

Here is how he explains it himself:

Based on learnings from the case studies as well as on existing literature on usability in practice, I wrote 25 recommendations for industry that describe how I would organize product development if the goal is to make usable electronic consumer products. The recommendations were ‘user tested’ by product development researchers and practitioners.

Credits: Jasper van Kuijk

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