GestureWorks – Open Source Gesture Library

May 5th, 2010

GestureWorks has released 20 something gesture icons for their Flash and Flex development environment. Although their multitouch library is geared at developers, the icons still look interesting in their own right. A lot of the interactions supported include two handed, as well as multi finger gestures. The downloadable library comes in various formats (PNG, PDF and EPS). Enjoy.

Also, I just created the gestures tag to keep track of all these related posts.

Credits: GestureWorks

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3 Responses to “GestureWorks – Open Source Gesture Library”

  1. Mikael Halén Says:

    It's always good to have more of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Frederic Says:

    Thanks! For those that are interested, I have translate it into a Pencil collection.

  3. jspadaccini Says:

    Thanks for posting about the original gesture library.

    You might be interested to know, a new set of gestures has been released on the GestureWorks website. There are now hundreds of gestures, they remain free to use with attribution: