July 9th, 2010

Quplo is an emerging prototyping tool still in preview phase (requires an invite). The tool is geared towards people who create UI prototypes but are not afraid of code. The central working space is therefore a panel where HTML can be written out. More so, the unique thing which Quplo brings to the table are a few new tags which spice up the HTML making it more suitable for the task. One such tag is “part” which allows designers to reuse parts of their code as components of sorts. Other extensions to HTML include the ability to hold and display variables, as well as do conditionals. It’s still in the making, but feels like an interesting concept and a bit fresher from the other tools out there.

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One Response to “Quplo”

  1. rchoudhury Says:

    Quplo is now in public beta, which means it's available for everyone. Invitation no longer required. If you read Wireframes Magazine, we'd love to have you as a beta tester. Hit me up at twitter.com/rahul if you have any feedback.