FluidIA Sketches Are Up

March 3rd, 2009

As the fluidIA side project is rolling forward, I thought to drop a quick announcement here that some interface sketches about how the new prototyping tool could work, have been posted today. I am doing some quick design this week, followed by some development next week. So if you feel like sketching additional or alternative ideas, feel free to send them over to me and I could post them up as well. If sketching is too much, I’m also open to feedback through commenting (on the fluidia.org site) or by email. Cheers. Jakub

Need UI Inspiration?

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One Response to “FluidIA Sketches Are Up”

  1. Evan Meagher Says:

    Oh wow, I didn't realize who ran this site. I commented on your posting on the IxDA mailing list about FluidIA last month, and then recently found Wireframes through Creattica. I'd still love to be a part of its development, provided I could find the time.