Page Level Wireflows

February 3rd, 2009

Tara has been designing the Mozilla Community Store and did a couple of wireflows at the page level. Having shrunk down the wireframes to thumbnails, this diagram provides a very nice overview of page-to-page link relationships that the user might take. nform Trading Cards however warn us that these documents could be very labour intensive if the design changes (which I also experienced). Now what if this view was automatically generated with our favourite design tools?

Credits: Tara Shahian

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7 Responses to “Page Level Wireflows”

  1. juarezpaf Says:

    Wow… Link relationships is very useful. I'll try do that in my next project.

  2. david Murphy Says:

    This is what I do for part of my application and UI design, to show screen flow and a sense of what will be on the screens. I am still looking for a good tool to support this, though and at the moment tend to use Visio.

  3. David Murphy Says: this tool seems to offer something similar to this

  4. Jakub Linowski Says:

    That looks cool! Thanks for the link. :)

  5. Bendel Says:

    cool pics

  6. ivyclark Says:

    The url doesn't seem to be working anymore but judging from the screen cap featured in… pidoco seems to be the same thing? –